AGORA: building an open and engaged community for local adaptation

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AGORA: building an open and engaged community for local adaptation

A Gathering place to cO-design and co-cReate Adaptation – AGORA - is a Horizon Europe project supporting the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change.

AGORA promotes societal transformation to empower local communities to address the climate crisis through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach that includes diverse applied research themes, four sustained citizen engagement pilots (Dresden, Malmö, Rome and Zaragoza) and extensive communication, capacity building and outreach. In the Digital Agora the consortium is building a living digital environment for citizens, stakeholders, policymakers, and researchers (sign up here). This will facilitate networking and communication among and between these actor groups, allowing them to find and engage with peers and communities from other geographical or societal contexts, and to share experiences, challenges and solutions for climate change adaptation. The Digital AGORA is also the entry point to the three digital tools being developed by the project: 

  1. a gamified mobile app full of educational material related to climate change adaptation and countering disinformation campaigns; 
  2. the Digital Academies, which will contain open-source climate data for adaptation and material to tackle climate change disinformation. 
  3. an interactive Digital Handbook, which will gather lessons learned throughout the project about climate change adaptation solutions and citizen engagement practices.

Citizen engagement is thus a key pillar of AGORA and will feature prominently in the roadmap for transformational change and upscaling of citizen engagement processes. Three connected research lines are working to identify the most impactful engagement tools: 

  • mapping deliberative citizen engagement initiatives on climate change adaptation in Europe;
  • exploring strategies, methodologies and practices that promote the four aspects of citizen engagement in focus in AGORA (context-relevant, just, collaborative and mutual learning); 
  • co-production of adaptation solutions in four pilot regions with local communities. 

We are currently building a searchable database of the mapped citizen engagement initiatives and their key themes that will be available in the AGORA community hub (explorer map) and have created a short registration tool for anyone that would like to contribute knowledge of an adaptation related citizen engagement project; it is available at:

One aim of the registration tool is to gather information from smaller projects that may not be widely publicised but which are key to understanding the rich range of innovative citizen engagement practices that we know are occurring. With that in mind, if you can help us populate the database and would like your project included, please add it using the link above. 

Finally, please see the following links if you would like to know more about the AGORA project and keep up to date with its progress:

About the Author
Eulàlia Baulenas is a postdoctoral researcher in the Knowledge Integration Team of the Earth System Services Group of the Earth Science Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS), specialized in the research lines of participatory methodologies and knowledge coproduction for climate services.