JRC Collaborative Space (Collab)


JRC Collaborative Space (Collab)

Collaborative Space wide view

JRC Collaborative Space (Collab)

The Collab[orative] space, located at the Joint Research Centre's Ispra site, in Italy, is specifically designed to foster (and experiment with) collaborative ways of working and producing knowledge. The Collab is a convivial open space that aims to overcome disciplinary modes of knowledge organisation by embracing new ways of knowing. It is conceived as a retreat to knowledge-holders relevant to a particular issue of concern.

The Collab is inseparable from the JRC Makerspace, where the idea of thinking while tinkering has been the foundation of the participatory methods the JRC has been mostly pioneering: material co-creation and deliberation methods.


The Collab has a variety of flexible workspaces to inspire collaborations and promote productive work group sessions. In particular, the Collab offers:

  • An Agora, prepared to host hybrid events;
  • An open work area with multiple desks for individual or group work;
  • Meeting room with videoconference equipment;
  • Standing desk area;
  • Lounge area for casual conversations;
  • Kitchen area;
  • Outdoor area with tables;
  • Access to the JRC Makerspace’s facilities and equipment.

Potential uses

The Collab can be easily adapted to different purposes, depending on the level and type of collaborative work. Whiteboards, flipcharts, post-its, video conferencing technology and coffee is available to support the activities. For example, the Collab can host:

  • Co-creation sessions;
  • Brainstorming sessions;
  • Working conferences;
  • Workshops;
  • Hackathons;
  • Training sessions;
  • Team building sessions;
  • Work retreats.

Who can use the Collab?

The Collab is open to JRC staff and other Commission’s statutory staff, upon reservation. To book the Collab, please send an email to EU-CITIZEN-ENGAGEMENT@ec.europa.eu with the following information:

  • Date of the event / activity;
  • Description;
  • Services / units involved;
  • Number of participants (maximum 60).

The Collab is offered as a self-service or, upon agreement, with support from the team managing the Collab (JRC.H.1).