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The Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy aims to respond to the increasing demand from the European Commission, EU institutions and countries for capacity to support participatory and deliberative projects and policies at the EU level.

This web platform aims to support the activities of the Community of Practice by providing a space for sharing experiences and recommendations regarding different methodologies to engage citizens. Moreover, the web platform is itself a place of reflexivity on participatory methodologies and governance. It can also be used as a working space to design citizen participation in science and policy making.

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On the second day of the Public Participation and Deliberative Democracy Festival (21st October 2022), Particitiz (represented by Cécile Molle and Dimitri Lemaire),  in collaboration with Visuality EU (represented by Joyce Van Kerckhove) and the participation of Emilien Paulis (post doctoral researcher in political science at the university of luxembourg), organized a session on how the architecture of parliaments could be adapted to participatory democracy. Inspired by the exhibition "Living in Democracy. The architecture of parliaments"…
This article is written by Graham Allen, Co-Founder of the Deliberative Democracy and Citizens’ Convention Cohort of the Summit for Democracy and Convenor, CCUKDemocracy As autocracy suffers a setback in the US midterms, there is more good news breaking this time on deliberative democracy. The European Commission and Ireland have just signed up to become the political co-leads of a new Deliberative Democracy and Citizens’ Assembly Cohort of the Summit for Democracy. The 2023 Summit will be the second of two events headed by US President Biden…
The 4th Public Participation and Deliberative Democracy Festival took place over two days from 20th – 21st October, 2022, in different locations: Brussels, Belgium; Ispra, Italy and Online (Zoom). Over the two days, approximately 150 attended in Brussels 50 in Ispra, and over 600 joining via livestream and Zoom. Overall, the Festival showcased many citizen engagement initiatives, especially dedicated to youth participation, demonstrating that a diversity of work is flourishing in the field. Many of the sessions provided valuable insights about…


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