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The Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy aims to respond to the increasing demand from the European Commission, EU institutions and countries for capacity to support participatory and deliberative projects and policies at the EU level.

This web platform aims to support the activities of the Community of Practice by providing a space for sharing experiences and recommendations regarding different methodologies to engage citizens. Moreover, the web platform is itself a place of reflexivity on participatory methodologies and governance. It can also be used as a working space to design citizen participation in science and policy making.

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The Sensing for Justice (SensJus) project researches the potential of grassroots-driven environmental monitoring, i.e. Citizen Sensing, as a source of evidence in environmental justice litigation, and as a tool for environmental mediation in extra-judicial setting.
With the European elections on the horizon and 2024 being a record year for elections around the globe, the European Research Council (ERC) has released a report that dives into its project portfolio centred on democracy. The report presents ERC-funded projects working on the multifaceted challenges confronting democratic systems as well as the resilience of democratic principles and civic engagement.
INSPIRE (Intersectional Space of Participation: Inclusive, Resilient, Embedded) is a new Horizon Europe-funded project starting in April 2024 that aims to strengthen intersectional inclusion within participatory deliberative processes. It is coordinated by Sonia Bussu at the University of Birmingham and Brigitte Geissel at Goethe University Frankfurt with partners from Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. The Consortium includes academics, practitioners, policy experts and digital designers, all committed to widen the scope and reach of democracy, using creative methods and margin-…


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