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This page offers its users a navigable inventory of citizen engagement organisations. Drawing upon comprehensive insight on citizen engagement, the inventory facilitates selecting “key players” along common criteria of success, identifying complementary work processes, charting relevant policy topics, identifying participatory methods used, both off- and online, whilst allowing its users to probe the focus and scope of the showcased organisations. The key words in terms of which the inventory is searchable articulate these criteria, both common and critical to success.

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ActionAid Italia is an NGO active throughout the Italian territory, as part of an international federation present in 45 countries around the world.

Work Processes: PlanningImplementingCoordinatingStudying Policy Topics: Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentClimate ActionDemocracyDevelopment and CooperationEducation, Training and Youth Country of Activity: Italy Scope: LocalRegionalNationalEuropeanInternational

Active Citizens Fund – Slovakia is a grant programme aiming at strengthening civil society, supporting active citizenship and empowering vulnerable groups in Slovakia.

Work Processes: Coordinating Policy Topics: Education, Training and YouthHuman RightsHumanitarian Aid and Civil ProtectionOther Country of Activity: Slovakia Scope: National

Active Citizenship Network (ACN) is a flexible network of European civic organizations which are involved as partners in its different projects, addressed to encourage active participation of citizens in European policy-making.

Work Processes: ImplementingCoordinating Policy Topics: Health Country of Activity: BelgiumItaly Scope: NationalEuropeanInternational

ADEL Slovakia is a NGO that implements diverse projects, trainings, youth exchanges and other educational activities, organize various events, conduct research and analysis

Work Processes: Implementing Policy Topics: Development and CooperationEnvironment Country of Activity: Slovakia Scope: Local

Since 2006, "Action 21 - pro Bürgerbeteiligung" operates as a non-partisan and independent association of citizens' initiatives with the aim of supporting effective participation of citizens in municipal planning and projects that affect their quality of life.

Work Processes: PlanningImplementingCoordinating Policy Topics: Democracy Country of Activity: Austria Scope: LocalRegional

Finnish National Youth Council Alliance is a national service and interest organisation within the field of youth work. It is a politically and religiously independent trustee hosting 135 national youth work and educational organisations as its members.

Work Processes: ImplementingCoordinating Policy Topics: Education, Training and Youth Country of Activity: Finland Scope: National

Established in 1991, the Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund) is the premier Bulgarian innovation policy and research institute.


Work Processes: PlanningImplementingCoordinatingStudying Policy Topics: Business and IndustryDigital Economy and SocietyEducation, Training and YouthEnergyEnvironment Country of Activity: Bulgaria Scope: LocalRegionalNationalEuropeanInternational

The Regional Authority for the guarantee and Promotion of Participation is the body to which the regional law 46 of 2013 ("Regional public debate and promotion of participation in the development of regional and local policies") entrusts the task of promoting citizen participation in the processe

Work Processes: PlanningCoordinating Policy Topics: Other Country of Activity: Italy Scope: LocalRegional

Avventura Urbana contributes in the construction of participatory processes for public policies and conflict management, and applies inclusive processes and participatory instruments experimenting solutions based on dialogue, listening and participation in ever-changing contexts.

Work Processes: ImplementingCoordinating Policy Topics: EnvironmentTransportOther Country of Activity: Italy Scope: LocalRegionalNational

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Work Processes: Planning Policy Topics: Research and InnovationEducation, Training and YouthOther Country of Activity: Germany Scope: Regional