Fundacja Civis Polonus

Fundacja Civis Polonus



The Civis Polonus Foundation was established to build an interest and a comprehensive understanding of public affairs at the local, national and international levels in Poland. The Foundation's goals are rooted in de Toqueville’s thinking about the nature of the ‘good’ state as a community of self-organized, competent and engaged citizens. Competent citizens are those, who understand their rights, know how to use them and actively participate in good governance. Engaged citizens are those who believe that their participation in community life matters and that they can affect change. Put differently, they are partners in public administration – not petitioners. The main focus area of the Foundation is the promotion of active participation of young people in decisions and actions at local and regional level through strengthening young people’s skills in analyzing local problems, reflecting on them and formulating recommendations on solutions for local authorities.

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