Frequency of use of ceramic tableware and crystal glassware

Frequency of use of ceramic tableware and crystal glassware

Catherine Simoneau
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before was JRC.I.2


The European Commission was considering revising limits for ceramic articles. The JRC conducted research on leaching of metals from tableware, bakeware and crystalware.To link the data with exposure and mitigate risk management measures,, a survey was conducted to understand what is perceived as occasional use for consumers across the EU. During and open day, citizen were asked for help and opinion as user of ceramic and glass articles (via EU survey, paper, ipad, iphone, QR).

Participation Spectrum

When and Where

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Policy Context

Science or Policy Field
Specific Topic
Safety of food contact materials (ceramics articles - bakeware, tableware, drinkware).


Communities or representatives involved
citizens (families).
How were the Participants selected?
Through what means citizens knew about the call for participation?
JRC Open Day 2016


Methodologies used
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Main Outcomes and Lasting Achievement
The Commission initiated a roadmap to improve food safety while preserving trade and traditional objects.
How were the outcome taken up within the process they were carried out?
Indirectly YES - it allowed the commission to come up with novel labelling type of options instead of strict limits of release as had been the traditional approach.
Feedback provided
Other Feedback
We could not - anonymous surveys. But we gave website to follow up our work.
Were the methodologies used elsewhere?
not yet - but this was the second time I had done citizen science (first time in 2006 for acceptance of mathematical modelling to predict migraiton (instead of laboraotry experiments) and demonstrate compliance for food contact materials).


Reason for such challenges and solutions
Compromise of the methodology used (a more empirical one) and target a larger number where possible to attain a gage. Was limited geographically (Italy) so had to state uncertainty - but the results were quite similar to a survey along the same lines done in France.
Lessons Learn
Overall, find creative ways to inlcude citizen science or citizen engagement but with a clear link to the benefit of policy making , and the representatives of the exercise in the policy making.
Start from the intended policy impact sought and work backwards.