App Workshop

App Workshop

23 May 2019 -


Mobile devices, and especially mobile phones, empower citizens in their daily life. With mobile apps they can get informed, learn, communicate, and engage with initiatives of interest - such as, for example, citizen science activities. JRC colleagues from different backgrounds have been active in mobile app development in the last few years, working on optimized mobility routes, invasive alien species, cultural heritage, personal data protection, etc.

Apart from issues related to the development and use, mobile apps also have to comply with administrative aspects. Which range from pure technical ones to institutional workflows and procedures, such as, IPR and data protection issues.

In this workshops, participants will share their experience in mobile apps at the JRC.


23 May 2019

09:00 | Welcome & introduction

09:15 | The situation today: Invited flash presentations about current JRC's Apps

10:45 | Coffee break

11:15 | Administrative aspects of app development at the JRC

12:30 | Lunch (JRC Mensa)

14:00 | Welcome back, including short summary of the morning

14:15 | Parallel Sessions:

  • Parallel Session #1: Technical matters
  • Parallel Session #2: Business perspective

15:45 | Coffee break

16:00 | Wrap-up and Closing

For the full agenda, please see the resources section.


Via E. Fermi, 2749

45.80913789364, 8.6336467264118


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