Citizen Engagement in Regional Planning and Policymaking

Citizen Engagement in Regional Planning and Policymaking

09 Jun 2022 -
10 Jun 2022


This training is open and free to everyone. It is designed for anybody who is interested to know how to plan and design citizen engagement in regional planning and policymaking.

2 days total (9 hours) || ONLINE

Citizen engagement is recognised as a crucial task for socially robust, fit-for-purpose and inclusive policymaking. This training covers the rationales for citizen engagement, principles of best practice, as well as applied tools for running citizen engagement activities. The course includes a focus on the main types and methodologies of citizen engagement such as deliberation and co-creation together with case studies in their political context, and guidance on how to plan citizen engagement activities and find necessary resources. The training offers hands-on and practical exercises, in which participants will be invited to work on their own applied case.

The training will consist of four main modules:

  • Module 1: Rationales of citizen engagement across public policy settings
  • Module 2: Political context including local, regional and EU level initiatives
  • Module 3: Approaches and methods with case study examples
  • Module 4: Planning citizen engagement in a case study

Register in advance for this training:

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9th June (Day 1)

10:00   Welcome and Introduction
10:10   Icebreaker.
10:30   Break
10:40   Module 1: Citizen Engagement: meanings and rationales
11:15   Q&A
11:35   Break
11:40   Module 2: Contexts of Citizen Engagement
12:10   Q&A
12:30   Lunch break
13:30   Energiser
13:40   Module 3: Approach and methods with case study examples, with a focus on co-creation and deliberative approaches.
14:40   Q&A
15:00   Break
15:15   Module 3: Cont.
15:40   Activity
16:00   END

10th June (Day 2)

10:00   Energiser
10.15   Module 4: Planning of Citizen Engagement in a case study. Organisation of group work.
10:45   Q&A
11:00   Break
11:10   Module 4: Group work. B|O rooms.
12:30   Lunch Break
13:30   Module 4: Exercise. B|O rooms. Cont.
14:45   Break
14:55   Discussion – reflection, challenges and needs
15:35   Implementation of CE opportunities: The Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy. The Community of Practice website and its inventories. Q&A
15:55   Evaluation
16:00   END


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