Citizen Engagement Training

Citizen Engagement Training

16 Nov 2018 -
17 Nov 2018


This training offers a hands-on reflection on the theoretical, practical and regulatory basis of citizen engagement. European regulatory frameworks increasingly ask for citizens to be engaged in the policy making; an example is the 2015 communication from the Commission on “Better regulation for better results - An EU agenda”. Likewise, the EU Horizon2020 research programme sustains Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) which calls for public engagement in research processes.This two day training will look into historical and recent developments of citizen engagement practices, exploring with the participants how citizen engagement could benefit their own research.

The training is organized into 4 main modules:
1. Understanding citizen engagement in science and technology in the context of policy making
2. Hands-on and discussion of cases of citizen engagement in science and technology debates.
3. Methodologies of citizen engagement focusing on those that sustain dialogue and material deliberation.
4. Planning citizen engagement; conditions of application.


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