Citizens and policy makers working together: hybrid processes for smarter policies

Citizens and policy makers working together: hybrid processes for smarter policies


Smarter Together is pleased to invite you to its forthcoming webinar on 27 June from 5 to 6PM (GMT+1) on hybrid processes.

Discover how hybrid governance processes are revolutionizing collaboration between citizens and elected officials, sparking collective political intelligence. We are thrilled to welcome Pr. Eva Sørensen, an expert who co-designed and evaluated the innovative Political Task Committees (PTCs) in Denmark.

Stephen Boucher will moderate the discussion and showcase the results of Wallonia’s first-ever Deliberative Committee, where Members of Parliament and a panel of citizens produced a series of groundbreaking recommendations on new forms on decision making.

Why should elected officials work with citizens?
In Gentofte, Denmark, the Mayor realized a critical truth: “We make so many mistakes because we don’t talk to the people who actually use the service.” By partnering with citizens, Gentofte municipality created more accurate, impactful policies, saving resources and boosting political success. This open governance approach strengthens institutions and increases trust in elected officials.

How do Political Task Committees work?
PTCs bring together politicians from various parties and citizens from diverse backgrounds to collaboratively frame and negotiate policy proposals over several months. Supported by institutional resources and expert input, these committees foster informed, effective decision-making.



Successful examples of hybrid processes will be explained and discussed by: 

  • Eva Sørensen, Professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Business of the Roskilde School of Governance, and 
  • Stephen Boucher, Founder of Dreamocracy, Co-founder of Smarter Together and co-editor of The Routledge Handbook of Collective Intelligence for Democracy and Governance. 


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