Citizens' Assemblies: How can they foster democratic participation?

Citizens' Assemblies: How can they foster democratic participation?


Collaboratio Helvetica in Switzerland is organising a webinar on the topic of Citizens' Assemblies. In particular, it will be discussed the concrete example of the Switzerland's Citizens' Assembly on on Food Policy. 

Citizens' Assemblies are participative formats where participants are randomly drawn from the general population, aiming to create an inclusive and representative sample of the population. These assemblies serve as platforms for collectively identifying and developing solutions to complex issues, fostering broader civic engagement and producing socially supported solutions. 

In this webinar, you will be invited to propose specific topics of interest during the discussions and have the opportunity to learn from the speaker’s experiences with Citizens’ Assemblies.

Jany Barraut and Sarah Friederich, who have been part of the process design and facilitation teams of the Citizens’ Assembly on Food Policy and the Future Council U24 on Mental Health, are going to share about their experiences, answer questions and explore topics you might want to discuss further.

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The webinar will be hosted by Diana Oser, collaboratio helvetica’s community & partnership coordinator, and our two guests and independent facilitators, Jany Barraut and Sarah Friederich.


Jany Barraut is an experienced facilitator and practitioner well versed in participatory processes and approaches in complex and multicultural environments.

Sarah Friederich is an experienced facilitator specialised in designing and facilitating participatory group processes and dialogue formats.


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