Conference on the Future of Europe: Feedback event

Conference on the Future of Europe: Feedback event


The Conference on the Future of Europe was an unprecedented pan-European exercise in deliberative democracy during which EU citizens were invited to express their views and expectations regarding EU policies. The Conference ended on 9 May 2022 with the presentation of the final report to the Presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission. The institutions have collectively committed to follow up on the 49 wide-ranging proposals resulting from the deliberations.
To do so, citizens who participated in the European citizens’ panels, representatives of national citizens’ panels and national events will gather at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels on 2 December. The EU institutions will explain how they have followed up on the proposals from the Conference, each within their own sphere of competence and in accordance with the Treaties.
The programme is entirely built around exchanges, both physically and remotely, between the EU institutions and the citizens. The event will be streamed online here.



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