Decidim Fest: Ecology, Technology, and Democracy. Another future is possible

Decidim Fest: Ecology, Technology, and Democracy. Another future is possible

23 Oct 2024 -
25 Oct 2024


In October 23, 24, and 25 we will have a new edition of Decidim Fest, this time under the slogan: "Ecology, Technology, and Democracy. Another future is possible" 🌿

The climate crisis is, without a doubt, the greatest civilizational challenge we face as a species. The foreseeable social and environmental effects that it can have, urge us to think about how to face the crisis to ensure that the way out is fair and democratic. In this scenario, participation and democratic planning are two necessary elements that, combined with the organizational potential of technology, can give us some keys to start drawing these desirable futures we want to inhabit. Still, the questions that arise around the relationship between ecology, democracy, and technology are many: What role can technology play in addressing the ecological crisis? What are the risks and opportunities in the use of these technologies?; How can we transition to ecologically and socioeconomically desirable societies in a democratic way?, What kind of political institutions should we have to democratically manage the transition?, What is the role of communities in all this?, How do we imagine post-capitalist societies?

We want to land these debates in Decidim, to be able to address more situated issues and in relation to the project. Like for example: The design of participatory processes that respond to the challenges posed by the eco-social crisis, the use of technology to facilitate large-scale deliberation, or the example of Decidim as a public-common good that can help think about the institutions of the future and the relationship between the public, the common, and the market.

As always, we will also bring together our wonderful global community to meet, share experiences, strengthen our collective project, and try to answer some of these questions. We are aware that we have great challenges ahead, but Decidim is already a global reference of free and democratic technology in an increasingly larger FLOSS project ecosystem that is opening new paths of hope for a more democratic digital era.

📣 If you want to participate, we have opened the call to present workshops and presentations related to Decidim. A curatorial committee will be in charge of selecting between 8 and 10 activities revolving around developments and design, research, participatory methodologies, data analysis, and democracy and climate.

Open Call for Proposals

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