European Citizens' Panel on Energy Efficiency

European Citizens' Panel on Energy Efficiency


The European Commission is looking for recommendations from citizens across the EU on how to improve energy efficiency - how to do more with less energy in our everyday lives. 

The first session of the Citizens’ Panel on Energy Efficiency will take place in Brussels, on 23-25 February. The recommendations of the panel will feed into specific non-legislative and legislative actions taken by the EU such as the upcoming Recommendation on the ‘Energy Efficiency First’ Principle due later this year. 

Citizens not invited to participate in the Citizens' Panel can still contribute using the new Citizens' Engagement Platform. Your ideas will help us to ensure that the transition to clean energy is achieved at the lowest cost and with the greatest benefits for all.

Next sessions on the Citizen's Panel

  • Session 2 will take place on 15-17 March 2024.
  • Session 3 will take place on 12-14 April 2024.

More information


It is possible to follow the plenary of the Citizens' Panel via web stream:

On 24 February, discussions will take place in small working groups, which will not be web-streamed.



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