G1000 Autumn School on Deliberative Methods

G1000 Autumn School on Deliberative Methods

18 Nov 2021 -
19 Nov 2021


Are you a public servant or politician, looking for new ways to involve citizens in policy-making in your community?

Are you thrilled to learn about fascinating examples of public deliberation from governments in France, Australia, Belgium, Ireland and elsewhere?

Register for the G1000 autumn school on deliberative methods on the 18th and 19th of November 2021 in Eupen (Belgium).

This years' edition has lined-up an impressive group of speakers to tell you about major experiences and innovations in working with deliberative methods at all levels of government:

  • Claudia Chwalisz: OECD lead on innovative citizen participation
  • Karl-Heinz Lambertz: President of the Ostbelgien regional parliament. First parliament in the world to institutionalise deliberative assemblies in 2019.
  • David Van Reybrouck: G1000 co-founder and author on democratic innovation
  • Art O'Leary: Secretary to the Irish Convention on the Constitution
  • Magali Plovi: Green Party MP in the Brussels' regional parliament who was the driving force behind the installation of the Brussels mixed deliberative commissions
  • Lise Deshautel: advisor to the governing committee of the French Citizens Climate Convention. 
  • Adinda Claesen: chairwomen of the Old-Heverlee city-council who took the initiative for a deliberative assembly for an reconversion project in the village.
  • Anna Stuers: Permanent Secretary of the Ostbelgien Citizen Council
  • Typhanie Scognamiglio: Senior civil servant in charge of the French inter ministerial centre for citizen participation 
  • Iain Walker: Executive director of the newDemocracyFoundation Australia.

For more information, please visit: http://www.g1000.org/autumn_school.php (external website).


For more information, please visit: http://www.g1000.org/autumn_school.php (external website)



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