KT4D roundtable on Democratic AI Governance

KT4D roundtable on Democratic AI Governance


The centralization of power, opacity and the speed of change inherent to current AI advances all generate risks to democracy. Application of large language models, such as GPT-4 appear to be advancing faster than societies can assimilate them. How can and should European policymakers regulate the disruptive nature of general-purpose AI democratically?

The goal of the workshop is to identify the blind spots and gaps in the current regulatory approach to AI in Europe, especially with respect to democratic values such as transparency. Is the use case and product legislation approach enshrined in the AI Act fit for purpose in the age of opaque general-purpose AI systems? Should there be restrictions on the development of increasingly larger models?

About KT4D

The KT4D project investigates how democracy and civic participation can be safeguarded and fostered in the face of rapidly changing knowledge technologies, such as AI. As part of the research project, we will organize three roundtables with policymakers, think tanks, and CSOs in Brussels to develop a framework for democratic AI governance. As a participant, you can expect to gain a better understanding of the EU's AI governance landscape and be part of an expert community on the future of AI regulation in Europe.

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