NaturArchy Exhibition

NaturArchy Exhibition

24 May 2024 -
29 Sep 2024


We are delighted to announce that the NaturArchy Exhibition will take place at iMAL, Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology, 24th May – 29th September 2024.

Embracing the arts for systemic change, NaturArchy proposes to re-consider our imaginaries on nature and the non-human.

The Resonances IV exhibition on the theme of NaturArchy probes issues of deep ecology, sustainability and the decolonisation of nature. A number of art and science works explore and query the entanglement of human and non-human, green technologies and new materials, nature and law, ecology and economy, ancient and new knowledge. From global oceans to water flows, from contamination and bacteria to climate tipping points and pollinators; from natural and artificial intelligence to non-human values, forests, lands, soils, composting; from grief and mourning to rituals, wonder and collective action. 

Born from two years of deep inquiry, research and co-creation, which began with a summer school at JRC in 2022 and continued with artistic residencies at JRC in 2023, these works provocatively call to be juxtaposed to artefacts of natural and cultural heritage. To re-imagine our sense of place and belonging to the world; to respond to the entangled and profoundly symbiotic relationship between human and environment, through play and exploration of new possible configurations of the world. 

We invite you to come and explore. 

Practical information

EXHIBITION BY: JRC SciArt in partnership with iMAL

CURATED BY: Caterina Benincasa, Claudia Schnugg, Ingeborg Reichle, and Adriaan Eeckels

LOCATIONiMAL, 30 Quai des Charbonnages, Brussels 

OPENING HOURS: Wed—Fri ▪ 10:00—18:00 | Sat—Sun ▪ 11:00—19:00 

More Information

You will find more information relating to the exhibition and opening on the dedicated section of the website, which will be updated regularly.




iMAL, 30 Quai des Charbonnages, Brussels