New Challenges to Democracy

New Challenges to Democracy


How can research and innovation contribute to a future robust society?

Event hosted by the University of Bergen (UiB) and NORCE - Norwegian Research Centre.

This event will focus on what we mean by democracy today and how R&I can contribute to robust knowledge-based democracies. Parallel sessions will address democracy in the contexts of artificial intelligence, climate change, and democratic participation platforms.  The goal is to present challenges, perspectives and solutions, raise awareness of democracy as a crucial research topic for Europe, and discuss how to enhance future research on democracy.


Registration deadline: 19 January 2024, 20h00.

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12:30 | Networking lunch

13:30 | Welcoming keynote

13:50 | Keynote speech

14:00 | Panel debate: Democracy in Europe in 2024

14:55 | Transitional coffee break

15:10 | Parallel Sessions

Parallel 1: Democratic Tensions in Climate Politics

Parallel 2: AI + Society + ? = Smart Society

Parallel 3: Engaging Society and Good Democratic Deliberation

16:00 | Transitional coffee break

16:20Summing up the parallel sessions

16:35 | Panel debate: Looking ahead: Research for Innovative Democracy

17:20 | Summing up the day

17:30 - 20:00 | Networking reception


Hotel Sofitel, Place Jourdan 1, B-1040 Brussels