Is proximity the future of cities?

Is proximity the future of cities?

08 Sep 2023 -


The Urban and Regional Planning MSc from the University of Aveiro is organizing a series of talks under the theme «Mudam-se os tempos, mudam-se as cidades» | «Times are changing, cities too». It’s an one-hour online conversation held in the late afternoon to discuss the cities we have, the society we aspire to be, and the planning we need for a better world. 

The next session will be online on September 8th at 17:15 CET.

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After two talks focused on tactical urbanism and the role of civic imagination, the next conversation will be between two world-renowned scientific personalities with the theme "Is proximity the future of cities?":

  • Carlos Moreno, Associate Professor and Scientific Director of the Chair “ Entrepreneurship – Territory – Innovation ” ( IAE Paris - Sorbonne University) is the 15 minute city concept creator and the author of the book «La revolución de la proximidad - De la “ciudad mundo” a la “ciudad de los quince minutos”».
  • Ezio Manzini, Honorary Professor at the Politecnico di Milano and President of DESIS Network, it the author of “Livable Proximity” Egea, 2021.

Both authors will start with a presentation of 10 minutes each where they develop how to look to the value and potential of proximity, as well as the challenges and strategies for its implementation, including some evaluation of the most interesting and inspiring outcomes, sharing examples in cities they know or have been working with.


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