The role of platforms in connecting mini and maxi-publics

The role of platforms in connecting mini and maxi-publics


This webinar is part of a series of international webinars titled We the People: The Rise of Citizens' Voices, organised within the framework of the PHOENIX project

The opening webinar, Mini and Maxi Public: Trust in Deliberation, highlighted how trust in deliberative democratic process is a requirement to secure legitimacy to the outputs. In order to fill in the gap between the mini and the maxi public, that is between those who actively participate and those who wish to be engaged at some stage of the participatory process, a role should be acknowledged to the digital platforms. How can online platforms facilitate the engagement of the maxi-publics? Can we dwell on their commitment to enhance the criteria of transparency and fairness that make the participatory process worthwhile to be carried on? How to define a city-level online platform? The discussion will focus on better designs of online platforms that may facilitate structured and equitable conversation. Also administrators and politicians may get a glimpse of the criteria according to which a platform can be considered suitable for greater participation, and the talk will delineate the features of online platforms apt to facilitate the emergence of collective intelligence and policy co-production.

Speaker: Tiago Carneiro Peixoto, Senior Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank

Moderator: Sophie Guillain, ResPublica




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