Workshop on designing the follow-up to climate assemblies

Workshop on designing the follow-up to climate assemblies


Designing the follow-up to climate assemblies: how to embed recommendations within the public administration? 

Commissioners, organisers, advocates and researchers of climate assemblies tend to focus most of their attention on the assembly itself. Too often what comes after the assembly is neglected. For those assemblies commissioned by governments (and this is the majority of cases), we tend not to put the same energy and resources into designing and implementing a robust follow-up process within the public administration. No wonder we are often disappointed with the impact of recommendations on policy and strategy. 

KNOCA is convinced that we need to pay as much attention to designing the follow-up as we do the design of the climate assembly itself. 

This workshop is the next step to the production of KNOCA guidance on designing follow-up. It draws on the lessons from previous workshops and the KNOCA Briefing Designing the Follow-up to Climate Assemblies: Embedding Recommendations within the Public Administration that will be published early in September 2023.  

The workshop will begin with an introduction to the findings from the Briefing, drawing lessons in particular from the design of the follow-up to Scotland’s Climate Assembly with Doreen Grove (Head of Open Government, Scottish Government) and Oliver Escobar (Professor of Public Policy and Democratic Innovation at the University of Edinburgh). We will then breakout into smaller groups to consider the key messages for future KNOCA guidance on embedding climate assemblies. 

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