Workshop on Permanent Climate Assemblies

Workshop on Permanent Climate Assemblies


Europe has experienced a wave of climate assemblies at different levels of governance. The majority of these assemblies are ad-hoc – one-off initiatives organized by public authorities. But is this an effective model to respond to the climate and ecological crises we are facing?

A small number of municipalities are experimenting with more permanent climate assemblies – a new institutionalized element of their climate governance architecture. What lessons can we draw from these early initiatives? What are the pros and cons of establishing more permanent bodies?

In this workshop, organized by KNOCA (The Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies) and FIDE (Federation for Innovation in Democracy – Europe), we will hear from colleagues in Brussels, Milan and Paris about their different approaches to institutionalizing assemblies and the lessons they have learned to date. Led by Yves Dejaeghere, Executive Director of FIDE, we will consider the opportunities and challenges of creating new permanent assemblies. 

    FIDE and KNOCA aim to produce a briefing about permanent climate assemblies after the workshop. As a first step, they have created a draft Discussion Note that explains the motivation behind permanent climate assemblies and introduces readers to the key characteristics of the assemblies in Brussels, Milan and Paris. If you have a chance, please read before the workshop. Feedback is welcome. We completely understand if you are too busy!




    Merlijn De Rijcke, Secretary of the Brussels Citizens Assembly on Climate 

    Anouch Toranian, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of associations, citizen participation and public debate 

    Giuliana Gemini, Project Manager of Consorzio Poliedra – Milan’s Permanent Citizens’ Assembly on Climate (Third Party Project). 


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