European Democracy Passport

European Democracy Passport


The new European Democracy Passport, available since Spring 2020 and in 24 official languages, facilitates public participation across the European Union, the world’s biggest transnational democracy, with its 27 Member States, 300 regions and more than 100 000 municipalities.

Trying to change the education system? Having a problem with poisoned food products? Want to move lorries from road to rail? Or having problems registering your company across borders? EU citizens have many rights and also face hard choices – but they need to know what their options are for influencing issues and in which areas.

This European Democracy Passport published by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) provides factsheets, background information, pathfinders and navigators to all aspects of modern European democracy, including a toolkit of participation resources and a detailed manual on the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), updated as recently as January 2020.

Whatever you as an individual want to do – complain, solve a problem, assert your consumer rights, debate or petition – this little booklet, available in your own language, may be the key to success and change: Get it, use it, and share it!



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