REPORT on Parliamentarism, European citizenship and democracy

REPORT on Parliamentarism, European citizenship and democracy


Motion for a European Parliament resolution on parliamentarism, European citizenship and democracy.

European democracy is an ever-evolving idea that has the potential to generate further legitimacy through change and adaptation to current developments. There is a strong need to improve the modalities of European democracy, especially in the areas of citizenship, parliamentarism and participation. First of all, European parliamentarism, as a fundament of democracy in Europe, should be strengthened. We should rethink European citizenship and address its challenges including the improvement of citizens’ rights and possibilities to participate in the political life of the Union. That is why existing structures should be complemented by a comprehensive and permanent participatory democracy mechanism. This report offers reflections on the ways to address the above-mentioned summons, building on the lessons learnt and the citizens’ demands from the Conference on the Future of Europe.