Co-creation and deliberative processes


Co-creation and deliberative processes

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Co-creation and deliberative processes

Training for local, regional and national public administrations and future trainers

The European Commission’s Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy (CC-DEMOS) has invested in building a new training offer on citizen engagement processes based on co-creation and deliberation. CC-DEMOS has partnered with the Danish Board of Technology and ifok to develop a training package for public administrations at local, regional and national level across Europe as well as future trainers.

The training provides a tailored offer for building capacity in participatory process based on three levels of competence: basic, advanced, and train-the-trainers, with the possibility of a modular training for the advanced and the train-the-trainer levels. 

The current training offer aims to sustain Commission’s priority for a new push for democracy and the European Democracy Action Plan in the construction of a deliberative democracy infrastructure across EU Member States. The past ten years have witnessed incredible experimentation in citizen participation in public life and public matters around the globe and in Europe. New forms of citizen participation based on co-creation and deliberation have especially brought new hopes and new horizons for strengthening democracy and counteracting democratic backsliding.

The training also reflects the ambition and the vision for innovative policymaking as enshrined in the Commission's Competences Framework for Policymaking, which includes the engagement of citizens as one of the seven core clusters of competences that future policymakers should acquire.

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Training structure

The training features interactive learning based on case studies and practical exercises.

Across the basic, advanced and train-the-trainer levels, the training package encompasses a number of learning outcomes and topics to support a tailored training offer to public administrations. The basic level is offered as a single course, whereas the advanced and the train-the-trainer levels are organised into ten modules.

From stepping into the field and participating to an informed discussion, to lead a participatory plan and use outcomes systematically, the training will enable a progressive deepening of the methods and tools for designing, implementing and following up on citizen participation. Below is the modular structure of the advanced and train-the-trainer levels, composed of ten modules.

Available modules

Testing, testing, testing

"We used pilots to test their quality and value for public administrations and eventually made modifications. Our pilots were run in-person in Denmark and Poland - in local language - as well as online in English in June and October 2023, for a total of five pilots encompassing the basic and the advanced modules."


Timeline and next steps

In March 2024, we will run our last in-person pilot in Denmark to test our Training of Trainers (ToT).  

The training package will be ready by June 2024 in English, Danish and Polish with free digital access to interested parties. By October 2024, the training will be fully available on a dedicated digital platform. The full packages will progressively be translated in all the 24 official languages of the European Union during 2024 and 2025.



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