Deliberative Democracy and Citizens’ Assemblies Cohort discussions at the Summit4Democracy

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Deliberative Democracy and Citizens’ Assemblies Cohort discussions at the Summit4Democracy

The Deliberative Democracy and Citizens’ Assemblies Cohort members Iain Walker [Executive Director newDemocracy Australia], Art O’Leary [the Electoral Commissioner for Ireland], Gaetane Ricard-Nihoul and Angela Pereira [from the European Commission], Graham Allen [the Convenor of the Citizens’ Convention on UK Democracy] and Gillian Dorner [Deputy Director of the OECD’s Public Governance Directorate] delved deeper into the bridge building power of deliberation for contentious decision-making in a context of reported growing mistrust in democracy.

From March 18th to 20th, the 3rd Summit for Democracy convened government representatives, activists, academics and practitioners in Korea to build a “Democracy for Future Generations”. In the panel on Achieving Public Trust in Contentious Decisions: Understanding Deliberative Democracy in Practice, Gillian presented the OECD Deliberative Democracy Database and the trends from its latest update, such as growing institutionalization and the rise of climate assemblies.

The Deliberative Democracy and Citizens’ Assemblies Cohort proposed that the Summit build some essential global architecture to support and strengthen Citizens’ Assemblies across the planet throughout the year and not just at the Summit event. These include continuing the setting up a global What Works Centre for Deliberative Democracy, with free access to all who need it, through the extension of networks of trusted global institutions, such as the OECD, USAID’s DRG Center and the UN Democracy Fund. The Centre would offer Assessment, Advice and Advocacy support to Assembly builders, public authorities, NGOs and individuals across the globe. Additional proposals are to implement the Global Marshall Plan for Deliberative Democracy to roll out Citizens’ Assemblies where they are most needed starting in the new democracies central and eastern Europe, and for the Summit itself to create  a Global Citizens’ Deliberation on Democracy to deliberate on the most important issues facing democracy and to report regularly to the Summit.

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This article was written by Graham Allen, Co-Founder of the Summit’s DDCA Cohort, and Convenor of the Citizens’ Convention for UK Democracy.