Future of government beyond 2030+

Future of government beyond 2030+

Fabiana Scapolo
Main Organisation


The objectives was to engage with citizens in 6 different Member States to map today and future relationships between citizens and government and business and to outline citizens expectations by focusing also on how power relations are shifting, which new actors may emerge, how the concept of democracy is changing.

Participation Spectrum

When and Where

Start Year

Policy Context

Policy Stage
Requested by DG CNECT to start a dialogue beyond the eGovernment action plan
Science or Policy Field
Specific Topic
Future of government and citizen relationship with it.


Communities or representatives involved
All age-cohorts, different backgrounds, gender balanced groups.
How were the Participants selected?


Tools Used
Spaces Used


Main Outcomes and Lasting Achievement
The project will be finalised at the beginning of 2019. We are engaging with the European Parliament as it can be a channel to disseminate widely the results of the project and help us in engaging further with stakeholders.
How were the outcome taken up within the process they were carried out?
They were used as contribution to develop scenarios.
Feedback provided
Other Feedback
We will invite them at the final event beginning 2019.
Were the methodologies used elsewhere?
We cannot answer this question as the project isn't yet disseminated.


Reason for such challenges and solutions
We asked NGOs to help recruiting specific target groups.
Lessons Learn
For the topic explored, contribution dealing with the future aren't easy to get. This is valid both for of citizens is as from experts.
To engage with intermediaries that can give access to citizens.