Autumn School on Citizens' Assemblies

Autumn School on Citizens' Assemblies


Autumn School on Citizens' Assemblies is a capacity-building event organised by the Federation for Innovation in Democracy - Europe (FIDE) in partnership with Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. Its mission is to empower policy-makers, civil servants, and societal actors with the knowledge, understanding, and real-world case studies they need to implement successful Citizens' Assemblies.

We live in a world where rapid societal changes and complex issues require nuanced policy-making, inclusive decision-making, and participatory governance. The power and promise of deliberative democracy lie in its ability to bridge the gap between citizens and policy-making, and in creating an arena where diverse perspectives can shape the future collectively. Citizens' Assemblies, as vital components of this approach, can address an array of pressing issues, ranging from local concerns to national policy-making.

Topics covered will range from understanding the "why" to framing the question and from preparing the administration to successful facilitation and media engagement. With a blend of presentations, case studies, and workshops, the Autumn School offers a comprehensive introduction to deliberative democracy.

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