Call for Solutions: OECD Gov2Gov Innovation Incubator!

Call for Solutions: OECD Gov2Gov Innovation Incubator!


The OECD's Gov2Gov Innovation Incubator is bringing governments together to collaboratively overcome challenges in harnessing innovation in the public sector. Following the success of the first call, we have selected four challenges and their teams to participate.

To move from challenges to solutions, we're looking for governments with practical experience in overcoming one of the following four challenges to join our incubator programme:

Challenge 1 | Brazil: How can we promote broader and more equitable digital participation?

Challenge 2 | France:  How can we engage the general public, particularly actors involved in public policies, in common data spaces?

Challenge 3 | Italy: How can we establish a collaborative, cross-departmental and inclusive culture for AI project management?

Challenge 4 | Spain: How can we improve accessibility to public services for people in vulnerable situations and at risk of exclusion?


7 June 2024

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