Training on citizen engagement in policymaking

Training on citizen engagement in policymaking


Citizen engagement is recognised as a crucial element for robust, sustainable and inclusive policymaking. This course covers the rationales for citizen engagement, principles of best practice, as well as applied tools for running or contracting citizen engagement activities. The course includes a focus on the main types and methodologies of citizen engagement such as deliberation and co-creation together with case studies and political context, and guidance on how to plan citizen engagement activities and find necessary resources. The course is designed for any policy or scientific officer who is interested to learn about meaningful citizen engagement that goes beyond consultation methods.

The course will be held online. The agenda will be made available soon but registration is open. Please register at this link by April 14.

Please note that if you register and, for any reasons, you won't be able to attend, you are kindly asked to communicate it to the organizing team by writing to


The training will consist of four main modules:

Module 1: Rationales of Citizen engagement across public policy settings (day 1)
Module 2: The policy context and current initiatives, including local, regional and EU level initiatives (day 1)
Module 3: Approach and methods with case study examples (day 2)

Module 4: Planning citizen engagement in a case study (day 2)

The training offers hands-on and practical exercises, in which participants will be invited to work on their own applied case.

By the end of the course, participants will understand/know/be able to:

  1. Grasp the rationales of citizen engagement especially in policy making and science for policy making.
  2. Know the basic principles of good practices in citizen engagement
  3. Understand the basic differences among deliberative and co-creation methodologies, as well as online and physical methodologies.
  4. Know the basics to plan citizen engagement.


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