JRC Makers-in-Residence Edition #1


JRC Makers-in-Residence Edition #1

JRC Makers-in-Residence Edition #1

Edition #1 of the JRC makers-in-residence programme covered two main themes:

  • Pollinators decline: can you make the difference?
  • Youth: a life through a pandemic

Five makers were selected and offered a fully-funded residency and a close collaboration with JRC staff, in Ispra, in connection with the local scientific community – mainly experts on pollination, social scientists, and members of the maker community – as well as with other external experts with interconnected interest and projects.

During the residency, makers were asked to produce a tangible outcome, be it a workshop, a prototype, an artwork, or an exhibition, each of which reflects the personal nature of the maker’s exploration process of the theme.

The programme had to be significantly adjusted due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions implemented at the Joint Research Centre. The complete closure of the JRC Makerspace resulted in the programme being reshaped in a fully virtual edition.

Participants Profile

Theme 1 | Pollinators decline: can you make the difference?

Photo of Ferran Fàbregas
Ferran Fàbregas

Ferran Fàbregas is a computer scientist and programmer and a student of biostatistics and bioinformatics. Ferran started in the “maker” world 7 years ago. In this period, he developed a cross-disciplinary knowledge in different disciplines of digital manufacturing, electronics, robotics, microcontroller programming and education, while trying to turn his passion into a full-time job. https://ferranfabregas.me/lifebox/

Project Title: Lifebox

Photo of Finn Strivens
Finn Strivens

Finn Strivens is a designer, researcher, and foresight practitioner with a drive to enable diverse groups to imagine and influence their collective futures. He is an NGFP fellow with the School of International Futures, where he is working to enable young people to influence scientific research by imagining alternative futures.

Project Title: Pollinator prospects

Photo of Justė Motuzaitė
Justė Motuzaitė

Justė Motuzaitė is a Product Designer pursuing her Master's Degree of Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). In 2019, by doing her internship in Milan, she got into the maker community and had experience in various Fablab projects including sustainability, co-design and design for empowerment.

Project Title: Urban Wild Pollinators

Photo of Sam Rees
Sam Rees

Sam Rees studied Interactive Arts in Manchester, UK and has been teaching interactive media at the Iceland University of the Arts, Reykjavik since 2015. A generalist with a passion for zine and maker cultures, in his personal practice he repurposes robotics to create interactive installations. Recent events include participation in Reykjavik Festival of Electronic Arts (RAFLOST) and a residency at Signal Culture (USA). www.ififoundafrozentimewarpidputitinthemicrowaveatyourhouse.co.uk

Project Title: Unidentified flying animals

Theme 2 | Youth: a life through a pandemic

Photo of Dalia Gregorova
Dalia Gregorova

Dalia Gregorova is a Slovak freelancer residing in France with a background in architecture and information technologies. In her work, she focuses on digital fabrication, the maker movement and participative architecture, examining her conviction that everyone is capable of creation, which is at the heart of her project. http://dalia.gregor-design.eu

Project Title: Prototype X

Final webinar

Final report